What Should Real Estate Agents Include in Pre-Listing Package?

The pre-listing package is extremely important and easy to do, yet far too many real estate agents do not give it the attention it deserves or worse completely ignore it. If you are not doing one or you suspect your current one is not doing all that it can it is definitely worth the time to work on this part of your business. The pre-listing package if done correctly can accomplish the following for you:

  • Establish a connection with your sellers before you meet with them
  • Overcome objections they might have to working with an agent in general or specifically with working with you
  • Sell them on the benefits of working with you or your real estate team

Early in my real estate career, I developed a pre-listing package, however, it was not something I had on my first few listings. Once I developed a pre-listing package and began delivering it to seller prospects prior to meeting with them, I noticed several things. It was easier to connect with them during the listing meeting, they were pre-conditioned to understanding the benefits of working with fee and they have fewer objections. So this one little change had several benefits and no downside. That is why I say it is a MUST for all real estate agents.

Here are the 5 Things Every Realtor NEEDS in Their Pre-Listing Package to Convert More Leads

At a minimum your listing pre-listing package should include:

  • An about you and/or your team. You want to develop a personal connection.
  • Compelling statistics. Show them that you, your team or your brokerage can deliver results.
  • Social proof. Give them success stories and reviews from past clients.
  • Details about your marketing program. Tell them how you are going to sell your home. The more details the better!
  • Your unique value proposition. Tell them what you can offer that no one else can.

The great thing about the pre-listing package is that it is simple to execute and will cost you very little time or money.

Developing one or reevaluating your current will take a few hours at most upfront and only a few extra minutes each listing. At most your will spend a few hundred dollars up front on design and printing, but probably less than that. So the overall time and money costs to do this right is minimal and the upside is tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars when your listing conversion rate and fees go up.

Make sure you tie all of this together and connect it to your overall positioning strategy which should be consistent in all of the marketing your aim towards your target segment. If you are an experienced real estate agent with more than one target market you might have different pre-listing packages for your different target markets.


One thing that is definitely clear though is that whether you are just starting out or have been in the business for decades taking a little bit of time to develop or re-develop your pre-listing package is a no risk/high reward activity that you should definitely do.

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