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Realtors: Learn how to Segment, Target, and Position Your Way to Massive Income

In this exclusive webinar, you will learn the exact strategies and actions that I took to generate over $500,000 in gross income my first year as a real estate agent.

I didn’t close a single broker-provided lead. My entire success came from segmenting my market, targeting my segment, and positioning myself as the best professional to serve my market.

On this page you will learn what exactly the STP framework is, the main elements to each of its components, and how to implement it for yourself!

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What is the STP Framework?

One of the central components of my HyperLocal HyperFast approach, the S.T.P. framework consists of three steps by which to base your business around: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

These three steps for success provide you basis to get set off on the right foot! This is a tried and true approach that I used to catapult into the top 1% of real estate agents in the United States in my first year.

1. Segmenting: pick a target segment you will enjoy working with. No better way to stay 100% motivated in what you do than to have a genuine interest in it and the people you are servicing.

2. Targeting: Carefully choose the right size . Too small and you won’t be able to make a palpable enough impact; too large and you can’t make any impact at all.

3. Positioning: Pick a group that you can deliver more value to than your competitors.

1. Segmenting Your Market

2. Positioning Yourself

3. Targeting Your Market

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