I am giving away my best selling book for free!

Share what you learned from the book and I will refund your paperback or Kindle purchase.


The reason I wrote this book is to help other agents improve their own business and add value to their clients. I do not need to make another dime from this book. The ideas I shared in the book have made me wealthy in many ways. It is important to me that you learn something and take what you learn to help better your life and the lives of those around you.

My book is already a best seller on Amazon, but I do not want people to merely buy it. I want you to read it and learn from it. I know that if I just give it away without you buying it upfront, you will be less likely to read it. So I am refunding the purchase price to anyone who buys it, reads it and follows the steps below.*

3 Ways To Get Your Free Book

1. Write a heart felt review on the Amazon or Google Books mentioning what you learned.

2. OR Post a picture of you reading the book to our Facebook Page.

3. OR Send an email to dan@hyperlocalhyperfast.com with 3 things you learned from the book.

Proof of purchase required and must be submitted to dan@hyperlocalhyperfast.com. Only valid for paperback and Kindle versions. Must have been purchased through hyperlocalhyperfast.com or Amazon.com. 1 refund per customer. Refund not available to those who purchased the book before 8/5/17. Receipt and proof of completion must be received within 60 days of purchase date. Book refund promotion ends 8/30/17.

I Want You To Learn!

That is why I am also sharing exclusive interviews with some of the top producing sales people in the entire world. My most recent interviewee does over $500 million in volume every year! Implementing just one of his techniques could mean adding an extra six-figures to your annual salary.

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