Create Massive Wealth

Through Personalized Training

Are you ready to take your business and life to the next level? Dan Lesniak and Keri Shull have designed several coaching programs to help you reach the next level, no matter where you are on your path.

Group Coaching

Group coaching is a great way for new real estate agents and resource limited real estate agents to jump-start their careers. In group coaching you will get select access to innovate marketing and operational systems that Dan and Keri use to generate hundreds of millions in real estate sales each year. You will also get access to multiple monthly group calls and webinars. In group coaching you will learn the STP framework and how to implement it, set goals and achieve results.

Individual Coaching

If you are a high producing agent looking to take your business to the next level or a highly motivated new agent then individual coaching is for you. In our one on one coaching you will have private coaching calls with Dan or Keri. You will also get full access to all of the systems Dan and Keri use to sells hundreds of millions in real estate every year. Additionally, you and your team members will have the ability to learn from the key team members on Dan and Keri’s team. Key business areas this coaching will focus on include: understanding your profit and loss, increasing your bottom line, recruiting, hiring and training, ways to generate repeat and referral business, leadership and developing systems that allow you to make money, provide massive value to your clients and have the freedom to live exceptional lives. Dan and Keri can also coach you on health and fitness, family and relationships and how to find your greater purpose. Individual coaching rates are between $1,500 to $4,000 per month depending on the number of monthly sessions with Dan or Keri.

Elite Partnership Coaching

Dan and Keri have created an elite program for agents that are netting over $500,000 and wanted to take their business to an even higher level. This elite program includes one on one coaching at the highest level. In addition to being able to visit Dan and Keri at their office, Dan and Keri will visit your office. The program begins with an initial $50,000 commitment for six months. During that time a baseline of your business is established. After the initial six months the payment structure converts to a partnership model. In the partnership model Dan and Keri are only paid for the extra money they bring you. In this model you pay 25% of the increase in your bottom line, up to $1 million. This program creates a true partnership unlike any other in the real estate coaching industry.

A key difference between Dan and Keri and the rest of the real estate coaching industry is that they not only built their business from the ground up, but remain active leaders at the top of their industry and have done so for years. Many real estate coaches have never actually sold homes or left after doing it for only a few years. With Dan and Keri, you get industry leaders committed to remaining at the top of their field.
About Dan and Keri


Dan founded the Orange Line Living Team and sold over $22M in his first year in real estate, a feat normally only achieved by the top 1 percent of real estate agents after decades in the business. In his best selling book, The HypeLocal, HyperFast Real Estate Agent, Dan tells the story of how his microtargeting strategy led to this unprecedented success and how to do it in any market. Since then Dan has gone on to co-found Optime Realty, and has helped sell over a billion dollars in real estate. Dan has also helped create title insurance joint ventures, lending partnerships and several residential developments requiring capital raises totaling several millions of dollars. Dan is also an extreme endurance athlete having completed over a dozen marathons and two Ironman triathlons and regularly places in the top ten percent. He is devoted husband and proud father of two children. Prior to his real estate career Dan had a successful career as Navy Nuclear Submarine Officer. Dan graduated from the US Naval Academy and also has a Masters Degree from the University of Maryland and an MBA from Georgetown University.


Keri founded the Keri Shull Team in 2008 and despite beginning on the heels of the Great Crash became one of the fastest growing real estate teams in the nation. In less than five years she became one of the top five selling real estate agents worldwide for Keller Williams. After co-founding Optime Realty, Keri built her real estate team into one of the top 40 teams in the United States. She sells over $200 million in real estate annually. Keri has been one of the top members of several national real estate coaching programs and been a featured speaker at several events in front of thousands of people. Prior to getting into general brokerage, Keri worked in new construction sales for NV Homes and the Mayhood Company. During her time with those companies she won several sales awards and sold several billion dollars in new home sales. Keri is a loving wife and mother of two children. She has completed multiple long distance running races including a marathon and multiple half marathons. Keri enjoys being involved in several charities including Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) and Doorways for Women and Families. Keri graduated from Pennsylvania State University.