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All reviews received from 10/1/17 to 11/15/17 are eligible to win 1 of 12 prizes. 1 submission per user. Please email info@hyperlocalhyperfast.com letting us know you left a review as we have no other way to contact you to send you your prize. No purchase necessary to play.

The business audit with Dan will be a 1 hour private session and must pertain to residential real estate. The winners of the 5 group call memberships will have a free 6 month membership to attend any and all group calls with Dan where you may ask any questions pertaining to real estate.  The 3 companion guides will be sent out once the book launches which is looking to be early to mid November 2017. The 3 signed paperback copies will be shipped via priority express the day after the competion is completed. Due to shipping prices, all physical book winners must be located in the continental United States.


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