Top 10 Real Estate Gifts to Give to Clients

As a real estate agent, at any level, you need to plan on having a budget in place for client gifting. My goal with every buyer or seller is to create so much value for them that they feel like my team and I were worth every bit of the commission and more. The client gift serves as a thank-you to them for the business. It also serves as a way to establish a deeper connection with them and deepen referral business. As your business grows you will want to make sure you have a system in place to ensure your gifting is both consistent and personable.

When to Gift?

There are several times throughout a real estate transaction when I think gifting is appropriate.

  • Going Under Contract – Once they go Under Contract I like to give clients a gift that is delivered to their work and can be shared by co-workers. At this point they are very excited about the transaction and are more likely to refer business at this point. Edible arrangements are a great for this.
  • Closing Time  Another great time to gift your clients is at the time of closing for the home they are buying or selling, and we always do this. Our team has a move-in box for buyers and we also deliver them pizza on moving day. In addition we do a more personalized gift at this time based on the client.
  • Referrals – We gift our clients and SOI any time a referral is made. We like to do it at the time the referral is made as well as at the time of the closing. Don’t wait until the transaction closes to do this. Not every referral you get will close. You want to reward the behavior of giving the referral, so it is best to give a gift at the time the referral is made and then again at closing.
  • Birthdays – Another great time to gift clients is on their birthdays. It shows them that you value their relationship and it keeps you connected on an ongoing basis.
  • Closing Anniversary – This is another great time to gift to stay in touch with your clients on an ongoing basis. It is also a great time to check in and make sure the home is still meeting their current needs.

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What to Gift?

This is a very personalized decision that will vary based on your budget, the type of client and your overall gifting program. For tax purposes if you can brand your gifts they can be counted as a marketing expense rather than a gift, which has a $25 dollar per person tax deduction limit. If you are making those types of considerations, consult a CPA or tax advisor. Here are some gift ideas at various price levels.


Under $250

Nest Learning Thermostat – The Nest thermostat will dramatically reduce your client’s monthly energy bill. It learns the behaviors of the occupants of a home to adjust temperature to their preferences based on if they are at home and awake, at home and sleeping, or out of the house. It integrates easily with smartphones and provides convenience and consistent monthly savings.


Yeti Hopper Flip Portable Cooler – Yeti coolers are worth all the hype when it comes to how long they can keep things cool. This one can hold six cans plus ice and keep them chilled all day long. Perfect for the beach, camping, hunting, picnics or any outdoor activities.




Under $200

Ring Doorbell – The Ring Doorbell combines a doorbell, two-way radio and video camera to provide the ultimate doorbell solution for convenience and security. Read more about it here.


Sonos One – The Sonos One allows you to stream music wirelessly from any room in your house. It also allows you to control your smart home, use Amazon’s Alexa and connect to any Sonos speaker system.



Under $100

Personalized Doormat  – A personalized doormat is a great way to welcome buyers into their new home and they will think of you every time they go in and out of their house. 


Duck Wine Decanter – If your clients are into wine this duck-themed decanter is a unique and stylish dinner party device that adds a nice touch of class to the table.




Under $50

Personalized Champagne Flutes – A great way to celebrate a closing is with personalized champagne flutes. You can get this set here plus a decent bottle all for under $50. 


Yeti Tumbler – This Yeti Tumbler will keep your drink as hot or cold as you want it. It is great for everyday use no matter what you are drinking.




Under $25

Personalized Return Address Stamp – Yes, people still use snail mail. A personalized return address label is something that buyers will need when they move into their new home and will have longevity.


Cocktail Set – If you know your clients are into cocktails and entertaining guests then check out this cocktail set that comes with drink recipes as well.




What Did We Miss?

This list is just a sample of some ideas that have worked for us in the past. I would love to hear what types of gifts you have given clients before and what we might have missed! Leave a comment below or send me an email


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