Conquer Your Goals In Less Time

Too often people will chase the same goals for years, but never make progress towards them. There are a number of reasons this can happen. It is a frustrating process that is harder to break the longer it continues. Whether your goals are related to finances, career, or personal fitness the longer you fail to make progress the harder it will be to break out of the cycle. If you find your self in this position or you just want to progress faster, here our five ways to jumpstart your goals that have all worked for me.

1. Set Bigger Goals

Many times the reason people fail to make progress towards their goals is because they do not making them big enough. If your goal is too small you will always think it is just within reach and not recruit the energy required to get there. If the goal is bigger though you will be more excited and hungry. You will naturally recruit more energy and gain the momentum to get there. What excites you more: Making a tiny, incremental improvement or jumping up to the next level? Losing 5 pounds or losing 20 pounds? Selling 10% more homes or doubling your volume? Retiring at age 65 or retiring 10 years earlier? I am not saying to make your goals unrealistic, however, I am challenging you to make them big enough that they will insprire you.

2. Write Your Goals Down

Thinking about your goals is great, however, if you want to make them more real you need to write them down. When you write them down you start the transfer from idea to physical action. This will help lead to more action. To take this step further after writing them down get in the habbit of reading them multiple times a day.

3. Schedule Something

I learned from Tony Robbins that if you talk about it, it’s a dream, if you envision it, it’s possible, but if you schedule it, it’s real. Once you have set your motivating goal and written it down find out what the first course of action is in achieving it. A great strategy laid out in “The One Thing” book is to work backwards from the result to figure out what your next course of action now needs to be. Once you do that, schedule it and schedule the follow up actions. Even if it turns out the action you take is the wrong one it will get you one step closer to your goal because you will have learned. Keep scheduling more action steps.

4. Make Them Public

Take your goal setting to the next level by making it public. Post your goals on social media. Tell your boss, team or group of friends. Be real and authentic. Most people are afraid to take this step. They are afraid of failure being public. Remember though, the only failure is in not beginning the journey and the more you fail the more success you will have. There are countless examples of entrepreneurs, business leaders and politicians that failed dozens of times before having amazing success. Abraham Lincoln lost several elections at the state and Congressional level before becoming President. JK Rowling got rejected by dozens publishers before Harry Potter became one of the best sellers ever. Steve Jobs got fried from Apple before coming back as CEO to lead it resurgence. The list goes on and on, but the key take away is to not be afraid to make your goals public.

5. Get an Accountability Partner or Coach

If you really want to take your goals to the highest level get someone to hold you accountable. Make sure this person will really hold you accountable, not just for the end result, but for the daily steps required to get there. Many times people fail to reach their goals, not because they miss out on the big decision, but because they make the wrong small choices daily that compound. Not exercising and eating bad for one meal won’t make you out of shape. Taking the weekend off from holding Open Houses or calling prospects won’t kill your business. Splurging once in awhile won’t stop you from saving money. Compounding these decisions daily will derail you though. Get an accountability partner that can check in daily and help you set mini-goals on the way to your bigger ones. I have had several coaches in different areas of my life (business, fitness and relationships) and a big asset they can provide is accountability, in addition from giving me the ability to learn from their experiences.

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